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Customer Experience: It IS the 1 Thing

Yep, another blog about customer experience. If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking, “Seen it, read it, know it…I get it.” I’m going to keep this short and sweet, but underscore the fact that the points you might think you’re competing on have nothing to do with what will make you a great company.

First, almost every service or product now has scads of competitors. For example, I’d hate to be in the “social media tool” industry right now (damn, I think we are). Just yesterday I read a blog about “220 Indispensable Social Media Tools”. Ok, how do you go about differentiating yourself when 219 of them are SaaS systems? The reality is you do it either through a massive sales program (hire the college grads, pay only commission, and pump that service), or you be the ONE company that does it with an exceptional customer experience. Price, user interface, fancy charts and graphs…everyone has those. You need to be different. You need to stand out. You need to offer a customer experience that tells all who inquire, “We are the company you want to use.”

Universal Information Services uses the far-from-unique approach of “take care of the customer first, and the cash will follow”. Many companies like DELL Computers have ingrained this notion of outstanding customer experience within their organization. Backup 11 years to this Fast Company article and you’ll see we’re really talking about the #samerules applying to the #newtools of Customer Experience. With our Media Analysis and Social Network Mapping we don’t just give you access to data, we interpret the results for you. The difference between a tool and a service, in my experience, is that a service delivers what you need, in a form you can digest, without requiring gobs of your own time to analyze and figure it out. We call this “reading the tea leaves”.

PR professionals and business communicators still only have 24 hours in the day. Our job is to do the work they pay us for so they can focus on their mission critical activities. These professionals were not hired to measure stories, maintain a database of metrics, input earned media hits, AND THEN interpret what that means. That is the service they buy from Universal Information Services…and we go over the top to make sure their experience is great.

What is it you do for your customers or clients? From their perspective, are your clients having a great experience when working with you? If not, they’ll find the company that does make their experience great. Customer Experience is truly the piece you are competing on with your peers…It is the one thing that can make you different.

For another perspective on Customer Experience, check out Marc Meyer’s blog, “The Customer Experience Revisited”. Please tell us your unique perspective on the customer experience. Your comments are important to us.

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