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Yes, Different Is Good…

…for Public Relations, News Monitoring, Design, or Services of Any Kind

You have heard it almost everywhere over the past few years. If you haven’t, you’re not getting out enough. For this post I decided to discuss the blue ocean strategy of being different from your competitors. It can also be explored as “being remarkable” as described in Seth Godin’s Purple Cow book. This post is “different” in that I’m writing only with subtitles (actually, about half in subtitles). What can I say, it’s something different. I like subtitles because they often tell what the author really wants to say, but couldn’t in the official title.

“Yes, Different Is Good”
Separate Yourself from Your Competition
Clients Quit Services When the Service Grows Stale
Clients Find New Vendors When They Don’t Get Strong Support
Clients Like Innovation that Works
New Communication Tools Can Help Amplify Most Efforts (but not all)
The Media Amplifies Your PR Effort
Let Social Media Drive a Greater Audience In Traditional Media
Are You Exploring How to Differentiate Yourself from “The Same Old”?
Are Your Points of Difference What Your Client Truly Cares About?
Are You Monitoring the News You Need?
Are You Analyzing Media that Is Truly Important?
Are You Using A Service You Have Real Faith In?
Are You Tired of These Questions?

In the end, being different, or making a change for change sake, is a waste of time and resources without practical goals in mind (#samerules). Evaluate what you are doing for your clients, how you are doing it, and how they view the value you provide them.

For Universal Information Services, https://universal-info.com , this exercise has brought us to where we are today. We are different. Clients find us when they need something more in terms of service, support, or cost savings. We don’t compete on the same old parameters for news monitoring and media analysis defined many years ago. We do provide real customer service, real client support, honest solutions, and prices that are really tied to our cost to serve the client. Our press clipping, TV monitoring, or web monitoring services are truly remarkable. Most importantly, we provide innovation that our clients really need.

It’s ironic, but the #newtools concept of “being different” is almost a result of common sense others have lost (#samerules). Develop, design, or deliver what you do in a way that separates your from your competitors. My suggestion is you do it now before your competition does it first.

Visit Seth Godin’s blog for more insight on this topic and let us know what you think. Leave a comment, we enjoy the dialogue.

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