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Complete News Monitoring: Don’t Be Fooled

At Universal Information Services we have several core values that reinforce our mission and vision. One of our core values is to be “honest and direct with all clients and teammates”. For the team at Universal, as well as our quality competitors: Cision, Burrelle’s/Luce, and VMS, this means we’re not going to purposely mislead a client into thinking that we cover all media: Print, Broadcast, Web, and Social Media, if we don’t…but we do. Some “news monitoring” services are guilty of the bait & switch when portraying themselves as complete. However I have no problem naming my competitors that do provide quality services, that’s just part of being honest and direct.

The bait & switch occurs when a prospective client becomes enamored with a pretty report, a slick proposal, or even the promise of a great service rate. In these cases, service rates can be tied to an extended contract that is ironclad so you can’t get out once you learn you’ve fallen victim to the bait & switch. When you ask if they cover all media, these services offer a “yes” in that they do cover print, broadcast, and other sources as long as those sources can be found freely and openly on the web! Again, the buyer must really understand the answers they are getting…#samerules for the #newtools.

Services that really only offer online monitoring can be missing much of the local public affairs and news content clients need, plus the high-end sources behind paywalls. And since these vendors operate primarily as a SaaS (software-as-a-service), the ability to get customer support can be limited. As the saying goes, “buyer beware”. We are all trained to trust, but verify when comparing products from different vendors. There are real savings out there for companies, government agencies, PR firms, and non-profit organizations. These savings can be substantial when you bundle multiple services with a news monitoring vendor, as long as that vendor truly has what you need.

Our core values support our brand promise to provide a fantastic customer experience to all clients. To that end, if Universal can’t help you with a specific need, we have no problem directing you to a vendor who can help you. If we can help you navigate the landscape of news monitoring and media analysis, give us a call. If you need a good reference for the finest cupcakes in the world, give us a call. We don’t do cupcakes, and we’ll tell you that, but we do know where to get them.

Leave your comments about pricing models, truth in marketing, or where to get the best cupcakes. Cheers!

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