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Monitoring Your News with Managed Services

Like your company servers, Human Resources, and other mission critical business needs, allowing a professional service to manage those elements for you is mainstream. Someone in the Public Relations department would not attempt to manage ports on your cisco router, would they” (If you don’t know what that even means, then your answer should be “no”.) Managed Services let companies get things done, and with the best practices.

Similarly, the flood of information organizations need to monitor, review, measure, and react to is ever increasing. Our clients know that having a professional news monitoring service handling these tasks for them is like sipping the best information from a fountain, rather than being blasted in the face with a fire hose.

Don’t be mistaken, the best organizations still can’t be blindsided by news they have missed. Letting Universal Information Services comprehensively deliver that information, in a more digestible form, allows our clients to focus on their strategic efforts and not waste time with the machinations of tracking and measuring their news. DIY and SaaS monitoring solutions simply transfer the “work” to you. Watch our short video and let us know when we can help.

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