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The Value of Press Clippings, and other media

As a foreword to my current OP-ED piece on CommPRO.biz, I thought I would share the setup for that longer form article. I do encourage you to read it this week by visiting their website. CommPRO.biz is a great resource for the PR, IR, and marketing industry. Again, here’s a direct link to the full article. Thanks!

The Value of Press Clippings, and other media outlets
Would you measure the value of a car based on the size of engine alone? Would you gauge the quality of a restaurant based only on the cocktails they serve? For the thinking majority, and in my opinion, the answer would be “No.”

Recently, changes within the news monitoring industry have prompted some to question the value of the individual mediums that news tracking services monitor. With only a couple of us now tracking all media and providing true measurement of those results, my unique perspective may provide you with some value within this question… or it may not. One can’t always be right.

Do you view all media as a single platform for your PR efforts, or do you still think in terms of old media vs. new media? Leave your thoughts.

Direct Link to News Media Infographic


2 Comments on “The Value of Press Clippings, and other media”

  1. 1 Charlie Hull said at 9:11 am on July 9th, 2012:

    Really enjoyed the piece, Todd. We’re just starting in the monitoring business with some technology derived from search engines – would be keen to hook up.

  2. 2 Todd Murphy said at 9:24 am on July 9th, 2012:

    Glad you read the opinion piece. Technology has certainly improved how we can deliver found news to our clients, but also has reduced the lag time before that news reaches those clients. All of this is good, but for the serious PR professional having an accurate validation component, something to ensure accuracy of results, is key. I’d love to hear more about your service.

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