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Jared Troutman to Direct Media Measurement

Usually I don’t blog about a new person joining the Universal Information Services team. However, with the addition of Jared Troutman I felt it was a good time to illustrate what separates true media analysis from simple data entry. I know some of you are still tallying your earned media into spreadsheets, or even more elaborate databases. That is a good start, but for true insight a media analysis service can really add value to your efforts. Have strong direction and management of your analysis is imperative.

Universal has been heavily invested in providing the most reliable media measurement services since 2006. It was in that year that we decided to turn media analysis inside out, and look at why most measurement techniques were flawed and inaccurate. Through a year long process with the University of Nebraska-Omaha, we were able to test and refine qualitative measuring techniques that could deliver an accuracy level of .92, out of a perfect 1.0. All the points within our methodology can be found in the relatively new Barcelona Principles advocated by the global measurement community and AMEC.

Jared Troutman, Media Analysis Director

So why is Jared a great addition to our team? Jared comes from a background within the analysis industry, has that element of international affairs we need for our global clients, and is focused on innovation and growth. In other words, Jared shares our interest in providing everything our clients need.

Some cool things about Jared

      -Analyzed Middle Eastern media for the government while at Sherpa, LLC


      -Was a project manager at Edelman Berland


      -Led projects for organizations like the United Nations, the government of Brazil and Microsoft


    -Excited for the potential to grow the analysis department and create new products for our clients

Media measurement, or media analysis, is very much a #samerules/#newtools situation. Universal has developed the new tools to automate as much of the measurement process as reliably possible. Still, the same rules of reasoning apply. No computer or software program can accurately reason the qualitative measures one needs to be sure their insight is accurate. Of course, we would love to hear your feedback on analysis services or even a simple “welcome” to Jared.


2 Comments on “Jared Troutman to Direct Media Measurement”

  1. 1 Deborah Trivitt said at 12:06 pm on November 13th, 2012:

    Congratulations to Jared, and to UIS for landing such an accomplished employee!


  2. 2 Todd Murphy said at 12:12 pm on November 13th, 2012:

    Thank you! As you know, an organization is only as good as their people. We feel honored to have Jared on the team.

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