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PR Measurement, the Icing On the Cake

In advance of our comprehensive White Paper on “Measuring Impact, not just Values”, we wanted to share the conclusion. The full White Paper will be available soon and is designed to help agencies, PR professionals, and corporate communicators improve their media measurement efforts. In other words, for those who need to understand the ROI of the public relations, you need to be sure your methodology for analysis is sound. (Available now! Download this instrumental whitepaper for free.)

We hope this post will whet your appetite and we will make sure you have access to the full White Paper once posted.

Because an Impact Score incorporates several metrics – tone, qualitative drivers, circulation and positioning points, there is almost no limit to what it can show. Which types of newspapers – large national pubs or small local ones – tend to cover you the most favorably? Which drivers tend to be featured in which newscasts – does Hospital X need to do something to get more attention for its Mental Health facility? An Impact Score can tell you all of this and more.

When you analyze the data in this way, you can develop a sound strategy to continually refine and perfect your media footprint and gather important insights along the way. By combining these key ingredients, you will in effect be able to have your cake and eat it, too.
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