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Measuring Real Media Impact-Free Whitepaper

What’s the Best Recipe for Measuring Media Impact

We are pleased to announce that our informational whitepaper for PR professionals is available.

Using media values alone for evaluating your public relations effort is a recipe for disaster. Too often companies focus on advertising equivalencies rather than genuine impact and quality. The result? An incomplete picture of your PR effectiveness, or worse, a strategy that damages your brand. What the Barcelona Principles outline for all PR measurement is easily digested in the white-paper below.

Download this free 10-page, best-practices whitepaper and evaluate your PR measurement methods.
Media Analysis & PR Measurement from news monitoring

Stop analyzing your media results with a half-baked methodology.
Learn how Impact Scores based on these 5 key ingredients can
perfect your PR campaigns. Whether your office in New York, Chicago, Denver, or Seattle the principles remain the same-we just have to adapt.

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