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Business Intelligence: The Price of Time

It’s been my experience that every business and organization needs to gather and understand solid facts if it hopes to make smart decisions and set meaningful strategic goals. Whether you office in New York, Chicago, Denver, or Seattle, knowledge is key. One of the worst things to hear in an executive suite is “Why didn’t we know that?” followed closely by “Why didn’t you tell me?” Reliable, smart, meaningful—and timely—information is always needed, always important.

Business Intelligence via Executive Reports from Universal Information Services

Our solution for accurate business intelligence is our Executive Reports. Universal Information Services generates strategic information that is a complete contrast when compared to quick and simple online searches of the day’s news. What Universal editors compile and edit is tailored to the focused information areas a client wants. The news sources and articles are vetted, and it all gets boiled down to a clean, sleek document promptly emailed first thing in the morning. For those who struggle to keep up with the most important news stories about their company each day, information like this is not just essential . . . it’s critical. Need to closely follow your industry or a certain competitor? That news can be front and center. Want a running breakdown of coverage in a range of categories? There are a variety of formats that can highlight those numbers very effectively.

The clients who use our Executive Reports, knowledge leaders, want to strain out the superficial in favor of facts. These clients have an email from Universal waiting for them when they log on to start their day. To get reports out in a timely, efficient way, trained human editors are up early to make informed decisions on which of the latest round of stories are most impactful. That human touch makes a tremendous difference. The editor of each report stays with their client on a long-term basis, and that experience over time makes for an even smarter, richer document. The reality is that the people make the difference. Computers are great at many things, but they still can’t reason effectively.

Chad Arens, Universal’s senior solutions consultant, says the clients using Executive Reports like how the day’s most important business intelligence is available in one simple place. It’s a solid, concise read that saves a commodity that slips away easily – time.

Save Time with Business Intelligence from Universal Information Services

“The reports do not try to capture every story, and they shouldn’t,” Arens said. “Busy people in busy companies want to see what’s most important to them, and not something filtered through an auto-generated search program. The reports from Universal Information Services help inform the rest of their workday with great value.”

In studying our clients, we’re interested in what informs your day. What price do you pay for business or competitive intelligence? How important is it for you to know the day’s strategic, breaking news?


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