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This illustration is the first in our three part series on Executive Reports. Click here to read the foreword.

When Universal Information Services says that its Executive Report service can help with Business Intelligence a fair question to ask is the obvious one – what is “Business Intelligence?”

Academics have defined Business Intelligence as a way or method to take raw facts and turn them into helpful information that organizations can use to make decisions. Executives have been trying to collect and understand what is and isn’t important to them (with varying success) for centuries.

Universal Information Services and the value of news

Editors at Universal Information who work on Executive Reports make informed decisions each day to collect only the most relevant stories for clients who need actionable news items from any and all sources. At this point, computers trolling the Internet can collect a wealth of business information every minute of the day. Smart organizations know, however, that it takes the insight of a person to determine the usefulness of a print story, a broadcast segment, a Tweet, or an online posting.

Business Intelligence is simple to understand, hard to efficiently access, and difficult to effectively implement without a strategic partner. The clients of Universal Information Services appreciate that our communication experts—with the right parameters—can help feed an organization’s need for the right information at the right time in the right format. Too much information (much of it irrelevant), like junk food, can slow a company down; too little information leaves decision makers flying blind. The day-in, day-out goal at Universal Information is finding a sweet spot of only what is useful. Business Intelligence isn’t a trendy phrase. It’s the lifeblood of organizations that want long-term success. And not only the future of successful organizations… it’s being used by those who are winning now.

What does your organization do to act on breaking news?


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