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How can news strengthen your executives?

How do competitive organizations create an information source that becomes required reading for its top managers? By providing information key team members want to know. Think pull, not push.

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An executive report is used by thousands of companies to accomplish this difficult task. Usually delivered before the start of work, the email efficiently summarizes industry news, competitive and business intelligence, financial information, and more. Many clients tell us that a cup of coffee and a quick scan of their personalized, edited news feed from Universal is the way they begin their day. The report helps create a community of “thought leaders” for organizations.

“Executives need accurate, simply expressed, and relevant information,” said Todd Murphy, vice president for Universal Information Services. “Every person pays attention to their favorite news sources. Getting a team of people to take in a company’s most important information establishes a solid foundation of shared knowledge.”

And shared knowledge is the best way to make informed, smart decisions.

For example, the editors of Universal’s Executive Reports pride themselves on knowing the companies they serve and knowing what news is most impactful for their readers. The feedback between organizations using the reports and Universal is the key to keeping the flow of news useful and focused.

“For a team, a shared Executive Report frees up the time that would have been spent finding and passing around news stories and links,” Murphy said. “The clients using Executive Reports need the best information possible. Our search experts know how to find that news and how to format it so critical executives can easily link to the news.”

For more information on strategic news information fuels growing companies, contact Tim Kaldahl at tkaldahl@universal-info.com or (402) 342-3178.

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