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Is competitive intelligence part of your strategy?

Competition keeps businesses and people sharp. Everyone judges successes and failures relative to how others are doing in their marketplace. And much like a coach who scouts an opponent, agile and winning companies are interested in Competitive Intelligence.

Universal Information Services Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence, the way Universal Information Services provides it, is all fair-game material that our editors pull together from a huge range of media sources. While the lion’s share of Universal Information’s business is tracking a client’s own media footprint, it is also possible to accurately monitor an organization’s competitors or peers. This isn’t’t business espionage. It is, however, incredibly smart when used as part of a business culture and strategy.

Executive Report information that looks at Competitive Intelligence can help identify risks and opportunities in a client’s business environment before they become obvious. Universal Information staffers each day can gather the most meaningful business news on a competitor’s financial reports, hiring and staffing changes, real estate purchases, and any other useful news. What Executive Report recipients receive is a complete picture of significant competitor news information that members of the public and vast majority of business reporters could not put together on their own.

Clients often come to Universal Information after trying to gather news about competitors on their own. The experience is often time-consuming and the quality of information is mixed. Search experts, by their very nature know where to find information in a timely way, and Universal Information makes that information understandable and easily digested.

“Our team is like a pack of bloodhounds,” said Todd Murphy, vice president of Universal Information. “Clients discuss their Competitive Intelligence needs. We come up with search parameters that line up with that discussion, and then the information starts rolling in.” Delivering breaking news so agile organizations can make strategic decisions is what helps companies win. Is competitive intelligence part of your strategy?

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