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City branding via a tweet and Peyton Manning

We live in a world where logos, naming rights, and personal branding are part of the everyday landscape. Companies and organizations spend significant dollars on traditional and nontraditional advertising that may or may not work.

At the same time, without rhyme or reason, what should be an obscure or—at best—small media mention takes off and becomes news. This week, Nebraska’s largest city should send Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning a thank you note.

Omaha Omaha and Peyton Manning News

Manning often yells “Omaha” when calling a play as a signal to his team and to, possibly, draw the opposing team offside. “Omaha,” in the context of Manning and the NFL, became a trending item on Twitter after the Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau posted this tweet:

We certainly appreciate all the love from #PeytonManning 🙂
via @VisitOmaha

and reporters paid attention. Nationally, more than 460 TV mentions of Manning and his “Omaha” play call aired between Jan. 12 and 14, including many on ESPN. Radio stations added another 41 news stories. Various websites—everything from newspapers to Adweek–added another 368 to the total. Media monitoring search experts here at Universal Information had never done a query linking “Omaha” and “Peyton Manning” ever before.

Even Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert got involved. She spoke with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin.

“We really hope they (the Broncos) get into the Super Bowl,” Stothert said. “We’d love to hear our name shouted. Most importantly, we want people to know what Omaha is really about.”

Omaha is a major Midwestern city that gets significant attention on the national sports stage for annual events like the College World Series (the Road to Omaha) or special events (like the 2013 U.S. Figure Skating Championships.) But Omaha is not New York or Chicago . . . and it does not have is a national-level sports team. Having the city mentioned in the context of the NFL, arguably the world’s most significant sports league, is important.

Omaha gets national attention from Peyton Manning

In advance of the upcoming playoff game between Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots, Omaha business leaders plan to donate $500 to The Peyback Foundation each time Manning uses the audible “Omaha, Omaha.” From a public relations perspective, we think that’s a pretty good thank you note.

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