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Check Your PR Measurement Reliability: Free Scorecard

Make Sure Your PR Measurement Is Reliable.

Spending on Public Relations measurement is forecast to rise by 10% this year. Not just in Chicago or Denver, but nationwide spending is up. Whether you’re struggling to measure your own PR and communication outcomes or are paying a firm to evaluate your results against objectives, reliability of that measurement is critical. As they say, “You can’t hit what you don’t aim at.” And if your methods for evaluating your communication efforts are flawed, you’ll be looking at meaningless insight. At best, unreliable media evaluation will not further your objectives. At worst, you may move horribly away from your PR objectives.

Click here to download our free scorecard and evaluate the reliability of your PR measurement methods.

Public Relations ROI on Target

At companies and firms from New York to Los Angeles, and every PR shop in between, everyone needs to understand their Return on Effort. If you need help improving your public relations measurement, or are looking for an established service to reliably handle it for you, please reach out. Universal Information Services offers great reliability in measuring ROI, ROE and Impact.
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