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PR Measurement and the Client Relations Reaction

What makes a company’s customer service great? Why is a PR measurement service writing about it in their blog?

Our clients are public relations professionals who spend a lot of time trying to get quality publicity through earned media and events, as opposed to paid advertisements. With the advent of social media and online reviews, free publicity has been taken to a level never before seen. This means that customer service is now more open to scrutiny than ever before. The new normal is if an organization has poor customer service, the whole world is going to hear about it.

Universal Information Services comprehensively tracks all news media and measures the impact and value from PR. With our ability to keep score of who’s doing things well, and who’s not, we wanted to highlight a few organizations. Our eyes are on the media, and while companies tend to get more media attention for poor customer service, here are some companies that are doing things right.

It is no surprise that Zappos made this list. The company is so well known for their great customer service, that several start-ups or rebuilding companies will base their practices off of ones learned from Zappos. Need more proof that Zappos rocks? Check out these 10 inspiring customer service stories: http://goo.gl/vFjeP1

Nebraska Furniture Mart
Having a deep history in the heart of Omaha, Nebraska, it’s almost necessary to highlight a local favorite. Nebraska Furniture Mart was built from Mrs. B’s philosophy of “selling cheap and telling the truth.” The Mart is swarming with customer service agents letting you know that they are there for questions, without pushing you into a sale. Furniture and electronics done well.

Trader Joe’s
When it comes to selection and price, Trader Joe’s may not top the list, but it does top the list in happy customers. The courteous and helpful employees and the inviting environment are what keep the customers coming back for more. Several Universal Information Services employees nominated this company for the list, but we’re not the only ones that think Trader Joe’s is awesome. Forbes does too: http://goo.gl/7Y6RTa.

This young sports-technology company has tackled and dominated customer service for their industry. Even if Hudl users don’t reach out for support but complain about something on Twitter, it’s a safe bet that user is going to get the help they need from an engaged support person. Service and support must meet the users where they are, not force them to find a hidden solution.

One customer’s feedback on the clothing supplier was “A sweater sleeve came undone and they provided a fully covered replacement with no questions asked. It was sent directly to my front door.” Patagonia stands behind their products and values their customers. They even have an “Elite” rating by StellaService http://goo.gl/E8JMQU.

So now you have to look in the mirror to see what your clients/consumers see in your company. At Universal we know that eventually a mistake will be made. What separates us from our competition is how we react if and when that problem occurs. Making it right, regardless, is the goal. How does your company handle customer relations problems?

Angela Wickard joined Universal Information Services in August and is part of the Client Relations team. Devoted to client support and services, Angela is focused on providing a customer experience that surpasses client expectations.


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