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PR Measurement Week and #AmecAtWork

Social Media was the name and PR Measurement was the game as Universal Information Services had a great start to the global AMEC Measurement Week by participating in events on Saturday and Sunday. AMEC, the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication is sponsoring 45 events, in five countries, over the next five days.

A panel discussion and a book signing kept our ears buzzing with all things related to Social Media communication and PR Measurement. Let’s take a look at some of this weekend’s highlights.

Saturday – The Omaha Press Club and PRSA Nebraska presents: Social Media Best Practices

What better way to look at the highlights for this event than to show you some of the things people were saying in their live-tweets!

First, Jared Troutman, Media Measurement Director at Universal Information Services, presented the best practices when researching and analyzing Social Media. Troutman highlighted the importance of moving towards qualitative measurement and transparent methodology when analyzing social media.

Randa Zalman Redstone Communications PR Measurement Universal Information Services Marjorie Sturgeon PR Measurement Universal Information Services

Afterward, Sarah Lake shared a case-study of how Social Media helped their team capture “lightning-in-a bottle” for a campaign they did for a client. Their #getHAPPY campaign for the ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference exceeded expectations.

Todd Murphy PR Measurement Universal Information Services Marjorie Sturgeon Social Media Measurement Universal Information Services

The final case study on social media measurement came from Claudia Bohn, Communications/PR Manager at Nebraska Methodist Health System. Claudia focused on the relationships that can be built and maintained because Social Media gives you the platform to do so.

Todd Murphy Social Media Measurement Universal Information Services Claudia Bohn Social Media Measurement Universal Information Services Marjorie Sturgeon PR Measurement tools

For the finale, Carol Zuegner of Creighton University, LeAnne Morman of WOWT6 News, Randa Zalman from Redstone Communications, and Jeremy Harris Lipschultz with the University of Nebraska-Omaha provided some great insight and thought on how to best use Social Media for journalism, PR and marketing.

Social Media Measurement Return on Relationship Bridget Weide Brooks Social Media Communication Jeremy Lipschultz Social Media Measurement

Sunday – The Bookworm- Jeremy Harris Lipschultz book talk “Social Media Communication: Concepts, Practices, Data, Law and Ethics”

Then on Sunday, Universal Information Services’ vice president, Todd Murphy, moderated a book talk with Professor Jeremy Lipschultz. The discussion and questions centered on the evolution and future of social media communication, including measurement and ethics.

Jeremy Lipschultz Social Media Communications

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