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Top 5 News Stories for 2014-Nebraska

Nebraska’s Top Five News Stories for 2014
From Universal Information Services

OMAHA (December 31, 2014) Universal Information Services, a national news monitoring and PR measurement service based in Omaha, Nebraska, tracks all local and national media throughout the United States. Each month, Universal monitors over 20,000 publications, 55,000 online news sources, more than 3 million websites and over 2.2 million broadcast news stories for public relations and corporate communication professionals.

This year Universal Information Services has released the only list that actually tabulates which news stories produced “the most” news by volume of stories. After analyzing Nebraska TV and radio news, as well as the Omaha World-Herald, Universal Information Services is proud to announce this year’s list of NEBRASKA’S TOP FIVE NEWS STORIES. This list is based on total number of news media story mentions, published or broadcast, in 2014.

Please feel free to use our list, we ask only that you cite “Universal Information Services: A national news monitoring and PR measurement service” as the source.

Universal Information Services monitored and analyzed the news to determine the Top Five News Stories In Nebraska for 2014

Top 5 Nebraska News Stories 2014

1) Ebola Patients Treated In Omaha, Nebraska: After the arrival of Dr. Sacra on September 5th, and his much publicized treatment, Nebraska was thrust into the Ebola news. The Nebraska Medical Center’s bio containment unit later received two additional patients. Unfortunately the last patient to arrive had advanced symptoms and did not survive.
Total number of mentions—2,746

2) Bo Pelini (need we say more?): From the controversial rant that was released on audio in the spring, through to his offsite meeting with his team after termination, the former Nebraska Cornhusker Coach gave the media much to talk about in 2014.
Total number of mentions—2,218

3) Fall Elections In Nebraska: Ben Sasse, Pete Ricketts, and the defeat of Lee Terry by Brad Ashford generated a lot of news for this election cycle. With the Republicans gaining much ground in Congress, we’ll see what 2015 holds for our nation. We are sure they’ll be no shortage of political news.
Total number of mentions—2,045

4) Keystone XL Pipeline: With land owners, natural resources advocates and politicians all choosing sides, this story received wire to wire coverage for the year. Still unresolved, we’ll see if the promises of jobs and safety prevail over the interests of property and resources. Stay tuned!
Total number of mentions—1,958

5) Nebraska Prison System Scandal: If it had not been for the investigative work of the Omaha World-Herald, prison sentence miscalculations and a pattern of early release may have never been uncovered. Reportedly this problem lead directly to two murders and countless other crimes. With Nebraska’s Attorney General, Jon Bruning, and other interested parties deeply researching the problem, we’ll see what the future ultimately holds for Nebraska’s Department of Corrections.
Total number of mentions—1,626

About Universal Information Services, Inc. – Universal Information Services, Inc. was established in 1908 as a press clipping bureau. In the last 107 years, Universal has grown into an industry leader providing print, broadcast, web, and social media monitoring. Universal offers complete news monitoring and PR measurement services for agencies, corporations, and government offices. For more information visit our web site at www.universal-info.com

I hope you all have a Happy “News” Year!
Todd Murphy, Vice President
Universal Information Services, Inc.
1623 Farnam St, Suite 600
Omaha, NE 68102

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