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Top 10 Films Sold at Sundance Film Festival 2015

Universal Information Services analyzed all the films that had been picked up for distribution; sold at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. Using our global media measurement dashboard, we looked at which of these films has garnered the greatest volume of discussion in mainstream and social media. Can volume of media mentions, or buzz, predict future success for a Sundance film?

Below is a chart of the top 10 films sold as of 1/15/15. Although other sales will occur, our analysis chose these 10 to analyze. There were three other films in this first group, but each of the three had the lowest number of mentions and were therefore eliminated from our top 10 list.

Universal Information Services analyzed the top 10 Sundance Films sold

Global Media Mentions 1/21-1/28/2015


From the chart you can see that the top three films, but global media mentions, were:

1.  Dope

2.  The Bronze

3.  The D Train

Stay tuned to find out if these Sundance Film Festival darlings will have any success in the coming year. Maybe we’ll see one of them at next year’s Academy Awards?

Leave a comment if you have any thoughts on these films, or how media discussion and impact the success of a film.


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