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Universal Information Services and CommPRO

As readers of our #samerules #newtools blog may remember, we have partnered several times to provide thought leadership and content to Commpro.biz. Commpro provides access to great articles and events for the marketing, PR, and advertising industries across the United States. We will be heavily involved with Commpro for the next several months as we work to improve awareness on news monitoring and PR measurement solutions. Additionally, we’ll be hosting several industry leading webinars and Twiter chats.

Universal Information Services has partnered with Commpro.biz for thought leadership

I encourage anyone to get involved, read the content from Universal Information Services, and enjoy all the other resources available through Commpro. Universal Information Services is in great company with other services providing thought leadership to the PR, Marketing, and Corporate Communication fields.

You can find Commpro.biz online at their link. Our other big news is that we’ve renamed our Blog as the “Universal Amplifier”. With social media now fully matured, we decided that our #samerules #newtools philosophy had fully served its purpose. Now, as we all work to create content that amplifies our service focus, we felt a name change was appropriate. We hope you continue to find great insight from our blogs.

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