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Content Marketing and Business Intelligence

According to B2B Content Marketing , “70% of B2B marketers are creating more content than they did one year ago”. One doesn’t need to follow the provided link to understand that the volume of information we’re exposed to each day, and subsequently the opportunities for messaging, have increased significantly. This content is obviously created with the intent to influence behavior or thoughts to the benefit of a company or organization. With this flood of information comes a few new responsibilities for each business that hopes to remain competitive.

Content Marketing Curation for Business Intelligence from Universal Information Services
  1. Content creation to generate interest in your service, brand, or organization is integral to today’s PR and marketing strategy.
  2. Tracking, digesting, evaluating, and measuring the impact and response from your content creation, or that of your competitors, is necessary to remain focused.

Universal Information Services uses our NewsTrackPro service to curate mission critical news for organizations who need access to breaking news. Click here to read more about how content marketing impacts business intelligence.


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