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A Basic Review of PR Measurement

Universal Information Services PR Measurement DirectorBy Austin Gaule, media measurement director with Universal Information Services

Far too often PR measurement experts make understanding measurement processes too difficult. Let me start off with an apology. On behalf of the measurement community (AMEC), we apologize. In our roles, we preach processes we think should be easily replicated and understandable to outsiders – who sometimes happen to be our clients.

Measurement should be easy. Not simple, but easy enough to explain in simple terms for an outsider to the PR community to understand. Whether you are measuring qualitative or quantitative measurements – processes for measuring media efforts should be understandable to those who don’t understand measurement at all. Because we are often counseling prospective clients on the basics of measurement, or even presenting to PRSA conferences or university classes on the topic, we thought a basic review might be welcomed by many.

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Universal Information Services reviews key points for PR measurement

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