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Micro Content to Tell Your Brand’s Story

Guest post for Universal Information Services

 Kristin Neemann, Brand and Communications Manager at Emspace Group

Engagement & Action

In a world where consumers spend an average of three hours per day on mobile devices, PR professionals must use quick, engaging and effective messaging to reach their audiences where and when they want to be reached. Using micro content to tell a brand’s story is a skill we must master to keep readers engaged and to encourage sharing.

Tracking your micro content with Universal Information Services

People want meaningful information, quickly. A growing market of mobile consumers demands information be easily accessible and digestible. Readers often make a decision to engage further or to leave a page in mere seconds, giving your content a very small window of opportunity to hook your audience. With unlimited access to endless content, consumers won’t waste time on irrelevant or dull material. Micro content must have a clear, concise and compelling message that leaves readers wanting more information.

People engage with stories, not ads. Consumers need a good reason to follow a brand. Building your micro content around a story keeps consumers engaged far longer than a smattering of unrelated content ever will. Great stories that use key elements like structure (a beginning, middle and end) and character development give your audience a chance to engage with your brand on a higher level. Stories help readers reshape information into a meaningful, relevant experience that they are likely to share. Think of Allstate’s Mayhem character, whose major (and comical) disasters lightheartedly present situations that may call for good insurance.  Click here to read the entire post at Commpro.biz.


(Note: Emspace Group is a communications strategy studio that works with teams to develop branding and communications that will resonate with audiences in a meaningful way. Emspace Group is a client of Universal Information Services.)

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