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How hard can it be to market to Millennials?

Krystal Sidzyik manages client relations for Universal Information Services

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In an ongoing effort to study media and communication as it evolves, at Universal Information Services we’ve discovered Millennials (people typically born between 1980 and 1995) are constantly modifying marketing rules when it comes to social networking. This makes marketing especially difficult for brands since Millennials will account for one third of all retail spending in 5 years, according to a report by Forbes.

In the report, Forbes discovered a few key findings on Millennials:

  • They’re very tech savvy and love social media
  • They share most opinions and experiences via social media
  • They’re very brand loyal

Those under 30 years old are not nearly as interested in archiving their thoughts or digital artifacts as people over 30. As it is in reality, those under 30 also want to live in real-time online. So how can brands leverage Millennials to better integrate them into today’s social media market?

To read Krystal’s complete post on Marketing to Millennials, visit our Image & Innovation channel at Commpro.biz.

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