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PR Measurement Mistakes

Universal Information Services Media Measurement


Austin Gaule, PR Measurement Director for Universal Information Services


Measuring your public relations’ effort is not easy. The difficulty in effectively generating valid insights from your media exposure is why services like ours exist. Globally, there are many companies that are working within recently established parameters to help clients and corporations gauge the impact, reach, and value of the public relations’ outreach. It’s why I hold the job I do. I make the job of the PR professional easier.

Universal Information Services councils PR professionals  on PR measurement


Considered odd by some, I enjoy PR Measurement. In contrast, many PR practitioners find measurement a necessary evil at the very least. While not every PR professional will hire, or can hire, outside consultants to help them measure their earned media, at some point someone within their company will measure, or at least attempt to measure. If you choose to do your measurement in house – give this post a read and see if you could be measuring more accurately. In our effort to empower the PR professional, we’re happy to share our thoughts on this topic. If you need additional help, please leave us a comment. Click here to read our entire post on PR Measurement Mistakes to Avoid

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