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[Part 2: Research into correlated outcomes and tactics from historical, qualitative PR measurement]

In a world where marketing, reactions, public relations and brand or service impact occurs in near real-time, how can a public relations professional or chief digital officer appropriately react. Reacting to to the inputs from media and the public is critical as you continue to shape the momentum of your campaign. Our research aims to assist to professionals in choosing current tactics so as to shape future outcomes.

In our last post announcing the research Universal Information Services is conducting around predictive analytics, we postulated that through qualitative analysis of ongoing outcomes and media results one can select specific tactics to improve the probability of reaching desired future outcomes. In other words, what you choose to do next in a campaign can directly impact the likelihood of reaching your desired goals. Our media measurement reports will incorporate these tactics, and tactics will be indicated by measured results, improving your probability of success.

The first leg of of our research has been completed whereby we created 30 common public relations scenarios for both traditional and social media circumstances. We sourced suggested tactics for each theoretical PR situation, and found the responses to be very interesting. The level of expertise of our respondents was truly inspiring and should greatly increase the validity of our findings.

Universal Information Services Predictive Analytics for PR Measurement

Some statistics from our survey results to consider:

  • PR professionals responded form California to New York
  • Responses from NY state accounted for 1/5 of all responses
  • Responses were obtained from 13 states, spread across the entire U.S.
  • 50% of responses came from PR pros with over 20 years experience
  • 94% of responses cam from PR pros with over 8 years experience

Our media measurement research team has entered the next phase of research whereby a second survey will be generated. This next survey will provide only a multiple choice of tactics for each of the theoretical scenarios. Again, PR professionals will be asked to select a single tactic they feel would be most appropriate for specific scenarios. From the results of this second survey we will distill the key tactics that would be indicated for specific scenarios. Ultimately, we believe we can correlate media results, and measured outcomes, to next-step tactics that will improve your results.

To participate, or learn more about this new level of media measurement from Universal Information Services, give us a call. We’d love to talk more about the future of effective media insight and measurement. (800) 408-3178 or news@universal-info.com


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