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Republican National Convention 2016 Statistics

As the Republican National Convention kicks off in Cleveland today, I asked our news monitoring and media measurement teams to do some quick analysis across all media in the past 24 hours. We’ve generated two Top 10 graphs to show how the RNC convention looks at the beginning. Our news monitoring team looked at mentions across all media types: Print, TV, Radio, Web, and Social. Later we will run the same search and analysis at the conclusion of the RNC convention to see if there are any changes.

Of the two graphs represented below, here are some key metrics to notice.

  • Categorized news stories were more often tagged as being related to Entertainment than related to Police
  • The host city of Cleveland has done a great job inserting its story into the RNC convention
  • The top 10 people mentioned are of no surprise. However, one might have expected Hillary Clinton to rank higher than John Kasich


Top 10 News Topics at Republican National Convention 2016 Top 10 People Mentioned at RNC 2016


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