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How the Lochte Lie Cost Him $6.2 Million

Aside from his gold medal as one of four members on the US relay team for the 4x200m, Lochte failed to medal in any of his 2016 Olympic swimming events. Once he was finished competing, he and three other Olympic swimmers spent a night on the town celebrating something… maybe the fact that it was over. Their celebration, according to the third and final story that emerged from other sources, was that in a drunken stupor Lochte and his buddies trashed a bathroom at a Rio de Jainero gas station. Negative news for Ryan Lochte

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Being stupid is one mistake many are guilty of. Taking a lie public is an entirely different issue. Lochte went on camera to seemingly bask in an additional 15 seconds of fame for something unrelated to his skills as a swimmer. Recounting a false story of being ordered on the ground by masked bandits, Lochte claimed they held a gun to his head with a clear threat. Well, not really. He even answered tweets, thanking supporters for their prayers and well-wishes.



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