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What’s Next: The New Perspective

Teddy Murphy-Blogger

[Teddy Murphy is a third generation news monitoring and media measurement semi-professional. Attending the University of Nebraska’s College of Business Administration, he’ll be writing on emerging social media trends, the next generation of content creation and marketing, and enlightening the current generations on what to expect next as his peers graduate into the workforce.]

Who am I? Right now, I’m nobody. Just a freshman in the College of Business Administration at the University of Nebraska -Lincoln, but in four short years I will be entering the work force with the most current business and marketing skills available. These skills can translate to business, finance, and even public relations services. History seems to indicate that these skills will be sought after by every business over the next 5-7 years.

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What I hope to accomplish in my blogs is to bring to the table a new and unique voice behind modern social media and public trends involving content marketing and tracking outcomes. My blogs will normally consist of things such as emerging social media trends, mobile app utilization, and possible advertisement opportunities as they emerge from the newest minds. I will make a claim, or posit a theory, about one of those topics and find correct and accurate research to back of my claim or theory. Do I know it all? No. Do I know much? Not yet. However, my classmates and I are the users and employees who will be bringing fresh ideas to your company in just a few years. How valuable might it be to be 4-5 years ahead of your competition?

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Why should you even care? You should care because my blog is your chance to see behind the curtain. All the survey and poll data you can scrounge up, if you find a relevant survey within the past 4 years, can only hold so much weight. Besides, half of the time Gallup sends surveys that only provide for agree or disagree answers. For any demographic a binary answer just isn’t enough to learn truly helpful insight. But with my blog I hope to deliver insight like if What is SnapChat is where you should be focusing your advertisement budget, or if What is CyberDust is about to leave them all behind.

I hope you will read my blog because today I am learning the tools and information you’ll be needing tomorrow.


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