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Twitter: From Bidder to Qwitter

Besides LinkedIn, Twitter is probably one of your biggest assets when it comes to networking online and social media tracking. Business professionals recognize the use value of Twitter, but that asset seems to have become a liability. After a drop of about 32% in its’ stock price, Twitter can now be compared to the Titanic of social network investments… If after the Titanic sank the life boats caught on fire, and then exploded. With two huge market open price drops one after another, some are shaking their heads and gripping their smart phones tight as they hope for the best. But why? Why was Twitter on Yahoo Finance’s Top 5 Losers list twice in the same week?

Twitter Stock price and Universal information services

In a previous post I mentioned Disney, Microsoft, Alphabet’s Google and a few other companies had announced their interest in acquiring Twitter. Which was awesome…for a bit. Twitter’s stock rose 24% at market open on September 22nd. Well never mind that stock price jump, all major players including the rumored most interested, Disney, said they would no longer be aiming to buy the social media giant. With Salesforce the only potential buyer left, staying in, and then dropping out a few days later, Twitter’s value has been limping ever since.

But what went wrong? Twitter doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Which is true and is also part of the reason everyone backed out. Twitter is as good as it is going to get. Even with them progressing into live broadcasting, there is no where for Twitter to expand. Purchasing it would be like buying a stock knowing that the price is never going to change. You aren’t going to loose any money, but you won’t make any either. You can do the same thing with a current savings account at any local bank.

So what does this mean for you? Don’t worry you aren’t going to lose any followers or any likes if you comment on this post. Unless you hold any ownership in Twitter, it doesn’t really mean much. Fortunately for you twitter’s services will still run the same as ever. Although with Twitter continuing to push its’ live broadcast feature, your broadcast monitoring service might be in need of an upgrade.


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