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Trump vs Obama: A Twitter Analysis

If perception is reality, and in a time when you can say almost anything and it may believed to be true, how is Twitter changing the most distinguished office in the United States?

On Friday, January 20th, the United States hopes to show how a planned and peaceful transition of power looks. As President-Elect Donald Trump assumes the role managed by President Barrack Obama for the past eight years, many differences between the two men will be noted. One difference we’ve been following is the use of Twitter and the results of two different usage styles.

universal information services Trump-Obama twitter analysis

What hasn’t gone unnoticed by the social media analysis team at Universal Information Services, is the difference between the favorability rank for each as they came into office, and their number of followers each has under their personal Twitter Profile. A secondary metric that stands out is how many followers Trump has versus Obama.

Trump has already announced that he will forego any use of the @POTUS (President of the United States) Twitter profile, in favor of his personal profile, @realDonaldTrump. Previously, Obama used the @POTUS profile for certain types of messaging, and his @BarackObama profile to message as “bo”.

Much has been said about the importance Twitter played in this immediate election cycle, where Trump used Twitter to disrupt traditional politics. What may have been lost on some is that Obama is completing two terms that coincided with the inception, acceptance, and rise of Twitter as a viable communication tool. Let’s look at the numbers of the Presidential profiles.

[Details and measured statistics can be found at Commpro.biz, click through to read.]

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