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Choosing the right media monitoring company

Universal Information Services conducts business under a set of Core Values. At the top of that list is “Honest and Direct Communication with Everyone”. That includes prospective clients inquiring about our services and how we might compare to other vendors. Do we want to cast ourselves in the best light? Of course we do. Do we want to mislead a future client? Never!

Avoid media monitoring problems

At a time when making choices, whether for president or for public relations tools, can be difficult, we want to help those searching for the right fit. Choosing your next media intelligence and measurement vendor doesn’t have to be hard. Remember, you are looking for a partner to work with you, not against you.

A simple, common sense approach to choosing or changing vendors is what we have delivered below. Knowing these questions, along with what you want to obtain from your vendor, is really all that is needed to prevent you from choosing a service that doesn’t meet your needs. We have also included the “red flags” you need to know so you can avoid a costly mistake.

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