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What Is Public Relations Effectiveness?

While many of our friends and media measurement peers attend the 2017 AMEC Summit in Bangkok, Thailand, much of our team remains behind to work on our latest public relations measurement research.

Universal Information Services is committed to delivering the tools that public relations practitioners need in order to do their job better. To that end, we are developing our second proprietary metric (1st was the Impact Score) for the media measurement services we deliver. By July 2017 our research into measuring public relations effectiveness should be complete. Going forward PR pros will be able to understand how effectively their PR campaign or strategy is performing with our EQ Score.

Measuring Effective Public Relations

The EQ, in EQ Score, stands for “Effectiveness Quotient” and results from a formula measuring how effectively a public relations professional or campaign is moving their paid, earned, shared, and owned media exposure (PESO) in a desired direction. The goal is to use measurement methods that generate reliable data, and present results in numeric and graphic formats, while communicating PR productivity in a language both PR professionals and non PR management understand. Comparing your effectiveness between campaigns and across time, we feel, will become a critical tool for any public relations effort.

The Future of PR Measurement

We feel the answer to the above question is simple. PR practitioners have neither the time nor the access to research needed to develop the measures for evaluating their effectiveness. This research is up to the firms they entrust to measure their public relations campaigns, brands, services, and reputations. Recently, the challenge to the media measurement industry has been issued through the feedback PR professionals provide at industry conferences. Our answer to their questions is the development of the EQ Score, but we need to know what else practitioners need. Please leave a comment if we can focus our attention in a specific area of public relations measurement. Our industry is here to serve those who need true media intelligence and insight.


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