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Fake News and News Monitoring

Universal Information Services is a news monitoring company and as such we are seeing and vetting fake news daily. This is a new age we are living in and we are, let’s say, just a little more than half a year into this new media world. This is truly a case of learning on the fly for many public relations professionals. Will fake news obscure their message? Will fake news skew their measurement results? Will fake news reduce the value and impact of my PR effort? All of these are great questions and are questions news monitors are working through for their clients.

Public Trust In Media

Most of us, more likely than not, haven’t had to deal directly with the effects of fake news. But like I said in the last blog, low public trust in the media effects our entire industry, especially PR outcomes.

Actively engaging in truthful discussions with your key audiences and stakeholders isn’t something you should do after a negative crisis strikes your brand. It’s something that should already be in place. The news monitors and PR measurement services you use can see and quantify the impact fake news is having on your PR effort if you ask them. Being prepared is the key.

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