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iPhone: Groundbreaking or Heartbreaking Innovation

If you are an iPhone fan like myself and millions of others, then most likely you watched the Apple Event last Tuesday, September 12th. If you aren’t a fan, then you probably saw the #AppleEvent blowing up twitter and Apple’s promoted tweets for the Apple Watch, Apple TV 4K, iPhone 8, and last but not least the iPhone X. But was the release of the iPhone 8 and X at the same time the smartest, move? I took a look at the news from my demographic’s perspective, 18-24 year-olds, and I think there might be a problem here. Of course having access to the news monitoring platform of Universal Information Services helped with this analysis.

iPhone 8

iPhone 8

At 56:13 into the Apple Event the iPhone 8 was revealed. Everyone in the crowed did what everyone always does with he release of a new apple product. Ooh’d and ah’d as the designs and features of the 8 and 8 Plus were revealed. But all I could think about was, “really?” “That’s it?” What about the leaks? What about no home button? What about facial recognition? Currently I am sitting next to my iPhone 6S , which for a year was the coolest thing apple had to offer and after reading more about the iPhone 8 it doesn’t seem that different than the 7 and even my 6S. But my contract with Verizon is up so I was planning on pre-ordering the “new iPhone” once it becomes available.

At 1:15:35 into the Apple Event, the excitement in Apple CEO Tim Cook’s voice begins to rise as the words “One More Thing…” appeared behind him. Finally, at 1:17:12 the iPhone X was revealed to the world. That’s when it happened. At exactly 1:17:12 the iPhone 8, revealed only 20 minutes earlier, became no different than my iPhone 6S with a chip in the corner.

The iPhone X is the phone that we anticipated, and more. During the Apple Event I marveled at the advances aesthetically, as well as the new technology at its heart. At 1:17:13 that overwhelming feeling of, “Shut up and take my money Apple” washed over me. But in that moment I started to almost feel bad for the iPhone 8. I know, the iPhone 8 is only an iteration on the 6s, which comparatively speaking the 6s, 7 and 8 are very similar, but it only lived in the world of envy for 20 minutes. Why would anyone covet the iPhone 8 when the iPhone X exists? Why would Apple do this to us? In a sense, my heart breaks for the poor iPhone 8.

iPhone X

iPhone X

Usually Apple gives you a year before they make your device old news, but this lifespan has closed to only 21 minutes. In that time they were able to completely nullify the value of the iPhone 8. Now with a staggering retail price tag of $999 the 8 is the more economically option, but really that is the only edge it has over the iPhone X. Being in college a retail price of $999 for the iPhone X, versus $699 for the iPhone 8, means I might skip a few meals or participate in a couple more medical “studies” this year. That being said, that is the extent of my consideration over the iPhone 8 versus X dilemma. Nobody wants to buy yesterdays technology, even if “yesterday” came 21 minutes ago, but I guess we will have to see. I don’t know anyone in the 18-24 age group saying that the iPhone 8 is “good enough.

In closing I would like you all to join me in a moment of silence as we remember those precious 21 minutes we had with the iPhone 8…


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