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One could point to the annual Edelman Trust Barometer study for 2017 to help paint the picture of how broken the trust between the media and the public really is. The results are damning, and that’s putting it lightly. Let’s dig into two points from this study that are in line with our topic at hand.

Echo Chambers?

We have a situation where the public is curating their social media feeds at high rates and trust in each other, in terms of information sharing, appears to be on a historic rise. The question that comes to my mind is how can important, credible news reach those who need to hear it?

The public is now living in multiple echo chambers – remember that multiple social media sites do exist and curation takes place on all the platforms. To further that point, look at this stat from the Edelmen study.

“People are nearly four times more likely to ignore information that supports a position they don’t believe in; don’t regularly listen to those with whom they often disagree (53%); and are more likely to believe search engines (59%) over human editors (41%)”

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