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PR Measurement Fuels Universal Information Services

Yesterday I thought to myself that now is such an exciting time at Universal Information Services. It hasn’t gone unnoticed that much of our recent growth is due to the accuracy and insight our PR measurement services provide. Our recently enhanced media measurement methodologies, combined with advanced visualization of data, has proven to be great fuel for our growth.

“Universal is growing” is an understatement

Our company seems to be moving at a historic rate, and that’s saying a lot for a company that’s been around since 1908. By the end of January 2018, Universal will have successfully launched a new PR measurement reporting platform, found a new, higher-tech headquarters, and launched Alpha Clips-the world’s first AI based news monitoring service. Without tooting our own horn too loudly, that’s impressive!

But the exciting thing is that we aren’t just launching products that no one will use, or adding features that make more money for us. Instead, our products and services are the result of many years of focusing on what communication and PR executives need, not what WE think will help our clients and prospects. Client focused development is primary to our success.

We feel the PR industry doesn’t need another unreliable tool that will focus heavily on quantitative research, automatically calculating outcomes in a clumsy manner. What the PR industry needs are reporting tools powered by expert analysts. In a world of automated reporting tools, your measurement strategy is only as good as your SaaS (software as a service) platform can make it. Automated PR measurement limits insight specificity; this is well known in the measurement world. That’s why at Universal we have taken a calculated approach to advancing our products through data science.

We have perfected our monitoring solution so it can consistently be replicated, leading to the most accurate and reliable PR measurement over time. Our trained media analysts each have over 10 years of coding experience. We follow the ever-important Barcelona Principles and have control over the most comprehensive news monitoring data set. We have all the right pieces to give our clients a clearer view of their media outcomes, yielding great insight and competitive strategy.

We use a simple approach to our PR measurement solutions.

Monitor. Measure. Report. Adjust.

Universal is proud to present our new analysis reporting platform that takes our measurement deliverables to a new level. Here is a sample of our enriched reporting platform, which we are calling #EnhancedInsights. Take a look below!

Hand crafted media analysis reports are a rarity in our industry, and Universal is proud to be one of the only media measurement services delivering customized, complete media analysis reports.

Our new dashboard reports encompass new interactive features and functionality enabling users to visualize and digest their media coverage quickly and easily!


Additionally, we don’t limit our reports to earned media. Our team is fully equipped to help you measure across your entire communications landscape. True ROI comes from holistic measurement across several different communication functions that considers multiple message points.  Our goal is to help you understand and interpret PR exposure: what it means and how to use it. Whether the channel is earned, shared, owned, or paid, PESO measurement is the starting point for anyone wishing to measure their efforts.

I’m here to help and I’d be happy to talk with you about our measurement solutions any time. Feel free to give me a call at (800) 408-3178. Just ask for Austin. You can also click here for more information on our new measurement advancements: http://bit.ly/2nmaqyW

Austin Gaule PR measurement director Universal Information Services

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