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A bad case of the Cryptos

Universal Information Services looks at Bitcoin Blah, blah, Bitcoin… blah, blah “it’s a bubble”, blah blah, “I bought it three years ago”. Yes, the noise about crypto currencies is also raging on college campuses.

Whatever your opinion on the matter of Cryptocurrencies, and Cryptocurrency trading, are all the buzz now. It seems like everyday I’m either hearing about a new currency being launched, a fund looking for investors, and occasionally, but unfortunately, an exit scam and millions of investor dollars have disappeared without a trace. I’m sure you working adults are also hearing about cryptocurrencies too, probably more than me due to my lack of basic cable, but what you don’t know is how my age bracket is reacting and what we are doing in this brand new financial frontier.

About 4 months ago is when I started to noticing more and more people around me getting involved with the currency trade. Sure there were a couple people that were big into it before everyone else, there always are, but that is when I started to see it get integrated into other services. A friend of mine’s landlord actually allows him to pay his college apartment rent in bitcoin, offering a 4% discount if he chooses the Cryptocurrency as his method of payment. There is now even a crypto ATM in a coffee shop on near the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus.

The biggest impact from this currency trend, within my demographic of 18-22 year olds, is the crypto wallet apps available for iPhone and Android. Like I mentioned in my previous blog we love stuff for three reasons. It has to be fast, easy, and on my smartphone. Now whether you have some Bitcoin or not, believe it is the next big thing or just a giant scam, may age group is banking on the fact that they are here to stay. The way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if students will have the ability to pay their tuition with Bitcoin within the next 5 years. By then the cost of tuition will be so high we will all have wished we had invested in Bitcoin two years ago.

Teddy Murphy-BloggerThis has been another post by Teddy Murphy. I’m keeping my eye on what’s next for Universal Information Services.

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