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The New: Mobile Based Trivia Game Apps

Whether it is social media, messaging, or mobile gaming, people are always on their phones. And with micro-transactions becoming more and more common throughout all gaming, we have seen a huge increase in the market for mobile games.

Mobile-based gaming now accounts for 32% of the total gaming market at around $46 Billion. But in my transition to college two years ago, I noticed a steep decrease in my age groups interest in mobile gaming. That is until a couple months ago when trivia games exploded in popularity.

Mobile Trivia Game Apps

The games are simple, you tune into the app on your phone when you get a notification saying that the game will start soon. Most games start with about four non prize questions, and then the prize questions start. The longer you last, the more players get cut, increasing your potential share of the prize pool (more money for you). I have seen people make anywhere from $0.03 – $75.00 per game. Now be warned, most people don’t make it past the non-prize questions as there is a steep increase in difficulty from non-prize to prize. But even if you don’t win, the questions are fun and the competitiveness keeps things interesting.

I believe the popularity these have with my age demographic is simple. They tap into the college kid mentality. First lets start with what we all have in common. None of us college kids have money, so the idea of people able to win some with little effort draws us in. It is the same reason people still buy lottery tickets, you know you aren’t going to win but it’s the even smallest chance that you could that makes you want to play. Finally, it is fast, easy and on you phone.

With mobile trivia games you play when you want and it requires no commitment. Eventually these games will fade as most fads do, but I am interested to see how other industries and companies use this new gamification model of easy to use/low commitment marketing to reach the 18-22 age demographic.


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