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FIBEP 2018: What I learned at WMIC18

As many of you know by my social media posts I was in Copenhagen, Denmark during this year’s World Media Intelligence Conference. My father, Todd Murphy, asked me to bring my unique perspective to many of the conversations he was having, discussions that would ultimately impact the growth of Universal Information Services.

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Although most of my time there was spent drinking in the rich Scandinavian culture of Denmark and exploring everything that the beautiful city has to offer, my first day there was fairly business focused. From a meeting to discuss outsourced solutions, to a meet and greet with the global media measurement and monitoring industry leaders, I’m going to pass on what I learned while having those conversations. Here are a few points I think an 18-24 year old should know before interning abroad or if they are looking at international employment options.

First thing I would stress the most is making sure you are up to date on the latest in technology in your specified field. You don’t have to be a programming wiz, or low level machine code prodigy, but knowing at least what tech is currently being used and the next big thing in your field is can greatly help. Just being aware of the vernacular the target industry uses will help you participate in conversations on global stage. Through all my conversations, one thing most companies stressed was their use of technology and what they had in development. So make sure you read up and stay updated on technology, and learn as much as you can before the first conversation occurs.

Also make sure you are aware of what you can bring to the table. What I witnessed were industry leaders gathering in small groups, groups of professionals asking each other questions on problems they all face and how to solve them. Everyone at the WMIC18 seemed to appreciate an outside opinion, our even a fresh perspective on an issue, so make sure you have your thoughts and ideas partly formed and know how to verbalize them effectively. Being too opinionated can be off putting, but if you know what you can do and can respectfully communicate it you’ll be sitting pretty within the global conversation. Respect those who know more, offer what you can when appropriate.

Andreas and Todd Murphy FIBEP 2018

Whether its an internship this summer, next semester, or a more permanent position after graduation, knowing these tips should help give you an edge with and international employer. At least that’s what I learned from my time representing Universal Information Services.

This has been another post by Teddy Murphy. I’m keeping my eye on what’s next.

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