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Society In Social Media-BLM

A Nationwide Look at Nebraska’s Black Lives Matter Conversation

Analysis Period: May 29-July 10, 2020

Media: User Generated Media, Social Network Content

Report PDF: Society In Social Media – #BLM

At Universal Information Services, we are always looking for new ways to engage with our clients, our community, and our society at large. As social media becomes a larger piece of the news cycle, we’re increasingly aware of its power to connect individuals and provide societal context in our everyday lives. To this end, our Media Monitoring and Media Measurement teams are happy to present the Society in Social Media series – Specifically, a look at the Black Lives Matter conversation.

Society in Social Media utilizes user-generated media to examine trends, identify key voices, and provide some context to the larger societal conversations that are happening on social media. Much like a pebble thrown into a still pond, a single social media post is just the beginning of a story. Through this analysis, we can identify the rocks, measure the ripples they cause, and provide context from which to understand it all.

This particular effort provides a look into the national conversation surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement in Omaha and Nebraska over the past six weeks. Our team is excited to demonstrate our capabilities in this report and beyond by providing ongoing analysis of societal trends in social media. Today we look at Nebraska, but our abilities allow us to focus on cities, nations, and the world as issues expand.

Methodology: A comprehensive analysis of of social media posts, engagements, and connectedness were evaluated to showcase the listening and measurement capabilities of Universal Information Services. Universal Information Services makes no claims to any errors generated through omission of posts or other associated data. All data represented is for illustrative purposes.

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