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What Is Concierge Media Monitoring and Measurement?

Many clients come to Universal Information Services after using other services. If we had to narrow it down to a single difference that attracts clients to Universal, it would be our concierge approach to service and support.

Concierge Service and Support for News Monitoring and Media Measurement

What do we mean by concierge service?

Universal is more than a vendor — we are your media intelligence partner. We provide comprehensive monitoring and measurement solutions to help identify and demonstrate the impact of your PR or communications efforts. The difference is in how we serve our customers, our client subscribers.

The four points of our concierge service are:

  1. Customized services and deliverables
  2. Informative people, delivering accurate information
  3. Flexible service design and service terms
  4. Personal approach — we know our clients


Customized service packages, one-on-one training, and a direct line to dedicated client support remove the hurdles our clients face with other monitoring and measurement companies. We know one size does not fit all when it comes to media services. That is why we listen to your needs BEFORE we recommend the combination of services that best suits your needs. This is what sets us apart from our competitors that can only provide standard services.


At Universal, we are all about accurate information. Whether we are filtering the news, editing news clips, or sharing results with clients, we don’t leave people confused by our tools or our data. From the initial on-boarding process to in-depth analysis, our team provides ongoing one-on-one training to ensure that our clients have access to their results 24/7 and are comfortable presenting actionable insights to their stakeholders.


Here at Universal, we understand the need for flexibility. Your needs and goals may not fit into a 12-month agreement with an unfriendly auto-renewal. We provide monitoring and analysis for short-term projects, like seasonal events, campaigns, crisis management, and more. We are also a great long-term partner that can react to changes as quickly as your team. We are experienced at capturing, analyzing, and presenting data on a limited timeline. Whatever your needs, Universal can provide flexible agreements that ensure comprehensive monitoring and superior service.


With a dedicated client relations manager and professional search strategist team, your results will be based on your coverage goals and communication objectives. These may change over time, but your ability to contact and immediately implement changes will never be limited. We take the time to talk with our clients and truly listen so we can understand exactly what is needed.

As a concierge service, we endeavor to surpass expectations, not simply meet them. Universal Information Services is the vendor that communicators use when they need the most accurate results, along with the strongest team to help them achieve their objectives. Let us know if our level of dedication can help you or your clients.


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