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SmartView NXT: Better Media Monitoring and Measurement

While the world navigated the pandemic and politics of 2020, Universal Information Services accomplished two major milestones for media monitoring services.

  1. Universal supported all existing and new clients with the most comprehensive media monitoring during a pandemic.
  2. Universal built a new Public Relations platform that raises the bar for anyone using media monitoring or PR measurement services. I may have understated this second item.

See what’s NXT for media intelligence!


The full launch of SmartView NXT will be near the end of January 2021, but we wanted to give our clients and friends an early look at what will now be possible. Not only will Universal have the most comprehensive media mentions to track and measure, including print, TV, radio, web and social media, but we will now have the most advanced PR software available. Better content, better tools and all the real customer service our clients demand.

What to expect in SmartView NXT

  • The latest charting and graphing software for spotting trends within your media coverage
  • Updated media report designs to choose from with more formats available
  • New media player technology, including text and video thumbnails for faster navigation
  • New options that allow for user-generated content to be integrated
    • The ability to upload your own audio, video and other files
    • New user-generated options for creating your own ongoing or saved searches, as needed
  • Improved audio-to-text indexing of radio, podcasts and non-captioned TV programming
  • And many more features we will announce when SmartView NXT is available to new and existing subscribers

What will remain in Universal’s new media monitoring software

Given that we attract clients from competitors based on our more comprehensive media monitoring and devotion to customer service, neither of those elements will be changing in 2021. If 2020 revealed one thing to our company, it was that dedicated customer service and support is critical to our clients. What we learned this past year was that organizations using other media intelligence vendors quickly scrambled to find services like Universal that could provide elevated support, crisis management support, and flexibility to adjust their service as the economics and health issues evolved. Tools are one thing, but having access to a client concierge to assist and support you immediately makes Universal unique.

2021 will be a better year for media monitoring

While I am hesitant to predict the future, I know the new tools we are launching, along with our continued service and support, will make 2021 a better year for our clients. If you’re not a client but would like to see what makes us different from your current vendor, just contact us. We’d be happy to let you sample our approach to media monitoring and measurement. Our clients deserve nothing less than the best. [Just click here if you want us to contact you. No relentless sales tactics from Universal, I promise.  -Todd Murphy, CEO]

Cheers to 2021!

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