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What is an Executive Daily News Brief?

This is the second post in a series of four that will answer Key Questions, like “What is a Daily News Brief”, for public relations professionals and corporate communicators.

Customized and curated daily news briefs from Universal Information Services

What is a Daily News Brief?

Compared to a comprehensive media monitoring report, that includes all media mentions for the day, a Daily News Brief is a professionally curated report that only includes the most mission critical breaking news. Often called different names like Executive Summary, Daily News Bulletin, or simply a Daily News Brief, these custom reports alleviate the time and cost associated with creating reports internally or having them generated by your agency. A good Daily News Brief can replicate, and usually improve on, the format and content of your current effort while drawing on a larger set of media outlets.

Why is our Daily News Brief a better way to stay informed?

As a professional communicator, you probably have too little time if you are short on anything. After time, money is often the second resource people consider when doing a cost/benefit analysis.  Some organizations are already outsourcing this effort to an agency or another vendor which can charge up to 5X more than our Daily News Brief service. The three primary benefits of having Universal Information Services generate your Daily News Brief are:

  1. You receive a very concise and customized set of breaking news stories that can effectively keep you and your executive team informed each morning at a set time.
  2. Because of our greater access to media sources nationwide, we can develop a richer set of stories on your report so you don’t worry you’re missing key information of the day.
  3. Through our onboarding process we develop a very focused lens that lets our assigned editors cast the report as if we’re seeing the news through your eyes. This ensures you get the type of news that you want, at the time you needed it, and in any easily digested format you can easily share.

KEY QUESTION: What is a Daily News Brief?

The best Daily News Brief will custom curate and edit a report that contains key news stories potentially impacting your company, brand, or communications effort that day. Daily News Briefs should be customized to only deliver a manageable amount of news stories, compared to lengthy media monitoring report, and draw from the widest scope of key media outlets available. You should have an assigned editor who is trained to view media results, possibly from broadcast, web, social or print media, through the lens that you specify. In other words, your editor for a Daily News Brief should be delivering a concise summary from all news, but of only the stories you need to know so you can act and react appropriately. Universal delivers this high value service all while supporting the client with our concierge service and training.

Who needs a Daily News Brief?

  • Fortune 1000 companies
  • Nationwide organizations
  • “Fast companies” starting up and generating buzz
  • Trade associations or national nonprofit groups
  • Campaigns, political action committees and elected officials
  • Federal/government agencies
  • National transportation or utility companies
  • Mining and mineral exploration efforts
  • Financial institutions
  • Investor relations
  • Professional sports teams
  • Any business that is heavily regulated


To learn more about improving your current awareness with Daily News Briefs, or why our clients love working with Universal Information Services, connect via email. You can also find more about our other services online at our Services Page.

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