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CEO Todd Murphy Elected VP of Media Intelligence Association

Omaha Business Leader Todd Murphy Elected Vice-President of International Media Intelligence Association

OMAHA, NE, November 17, 2021

Universal Information Services is pleased to announce that FIBEP, a global media intelligence trade group, elected CEO Todd Murphy, to a two- year term as Vice President at the FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress (WMIC) on November 2, 2021. Muphy, one of eight Vice Presidents, is the sole board member from North America.

Murphy has been an active FIBEP member since 2016 and is a thought leader in the area of media intelligence, particularly news monitoring and evaluation. He has served on FIBEP’s Admissions Commission and has presented at WMIC in Berlin, Copenhagen and Peru. He is also active in local organizations such as the Omaha Rotary Club and is on the Board of Directors for the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce.

Murphy’s recent global speaking engagements include:  

  • FIBEP Media Intelligence Business Ecosystem Panel
  • FIBEP Digital Sales Breakout Session
  • FNBO Cash Flow Panel
  • AMEC Improved Evaluation for Media Measurement
  • McKinsey & Company Cash Management Forum

Murphy innovated web and broadcast monitoring platforms for Universal Information Services, when these tools were still in their infancy.  He continues to lead development and innovate new technologies to effectively support and deliver cleaner data sets in media monitoring to clients worldwide.

Todd Murphy Universal Information Services

Todd Murphy, CEO Universal Information Services

“As PR and communications shifts from reviewing data, to finding actionable insights, Universal is focused on bringing these new tools to market. I’m honored to work alongside my peer members of FIBEP in finding these global solutions,” stated Murphy.

Universal’s PR measurement services represent the best-in-class for competitive and business intelligence, showing the impact from messaging and the return on effort.

Other FIBEP elections include Thomas Vejlemand, CEO of Infomedia A/S (Denmark), who previously served as Vice President of FIBEP, was elected to a three-year term as FIBEP President. Two other Vice Presidents were also elected to the FIBEP board for two-year terms: Steffen Egelund of Media Track Pte Ltd (Singapore), and Carlos Alfredo Diaz of GlobalNews Group (Argentina). They join re-elected Vice Presidents: Christophe Dickès of Kantar Media (France), Sophia Karakeva of DataScouting (Greece), Romina Gersuni of pressrelations GmbH (Germany), Gabby Begas of IFAT Group (Israel), and Oresti Patricios of Ornico Group (South Africa).



FIBEP, the Federation Internationale des Bureaux d’Extraits de Presse, is the world’s media intelligence association and has more than one hundred corporate members from more than 60 countries. The association and its members are focused on providing globally driven, enterprise-scale solutions in the fields of media monitoring, media analysis, public relations distribution, journalist databases, as well as consulting services and SaaS platforms.

The federation was founded in 1953 in Paris and now hosts a broad range of activities including the FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress, senior networking sessions, and a variety of high-impact research studies.

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Providing news monitoring and media measurement services since 1908, Universal Information Services leads the industry in innovative tools for public relations and corporate communication professionals. Universal delivers innovative solutions that provide insight on the reach, impact and effectiveness of our clients’ public relations efforts. Universal Information Services is a privately held corporation headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. More information is available at https://universal-info.com

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