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Balancing Media Measurement: AI vs People

On December 6, I will be moderating a virtual discussion on Media Measurement on behalf of FIBEP, the global Media Intelligence industry trade group. You can join me and two other industry experts as we discuss the balance between technology and trained analysts, and how it impacts reliable results for the measurement of communications. Email FIBEP to join this fun and engaging discussion on December 6.

Balancing Media Measurement: AI vs. People

A moderated review of how technology may or may not help contribute to a more robust media measurement industry.

Just a a week past Measurement Month, an annual event sponsored by AMEC, the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication, I will conduct an open and practical discussion on where the boundaries really are between technology and people. In our industry we have an informal division growing between those who feel technology has no place in shaping measurement results, and those who feel good technology can get us much further down the path towards valid insights. The question becomes, “How far down that media measurement path can technology take us before an analyst is truly needed to create the needed inferences that yield actionable results?”

Joining me on December 6, 4pm CET (10am ET USA), will be two outstanding industry experts.

Steph Bridgeman – Founder and Lead Consultant with Experienced Media Analysts (I know, the company name says it all!)

Steph is a communications measurement specialist with nearly 25 years’ experience advising government departments, major corporations, NGOs and SMEs in relation to reputation. Her virtual agency, Experienced Media Analysts, provides flexible freelance insight teams to media monitoring agencies, evaluation specialists, PR agencies and media relations departments across the world. They collate, cleanse, codify and curate media data so that organisations can better understand the outcomes and impact of their PR activities.

Steph is a board member at the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC), leads its academics and educators group, helped to co-create AMEC’s Foundation Course in Measurement ad Evaluation and its newest educational resource, a self guided online tutorial for the Integrated Evaluation Framework.


Matthew Couchman – Senior Consultant with Commetric (a framework guru)

Matthew Couchman, Sr. Consultant at Commetric

A Senior Consultant at Commetric, Matthew Couchman has over 20 years’ experience in the media insights sector. Starting his career in sports research, delivering key performance data to both event organisers and commercial sponsors, Matthew moved into the communications insight industry. Whilst working for companies including Kantar and Cision, Matthew has implemented and managed several global monitoring and research accounts across a range of leading clients from multiple industries including media, pharma, FMCG and NGOs. At Commetric, Matthew continues to advise clients on data integrity, best practice and analysis frameworks enabling each client to make data-driven decisions.


Email FIBEP to join this fun and engaging discussion on December 6.


I hope you will join us!

Todd Murphy Universal Information Services CEO

Todd Murphy CEO Universal Information Services

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