Alpha Clips

Alpha Clips

Alpha Clips is the news monitoring service that tracks article origin of shared news stories. Through applied data science, Alpha Clips can identify and summarize news that would commonly be shared across social networks and online. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used for finding, summarizing, clustering, and delivering important news coverage so PR and communications professionals can save time while consuming key information. This is the most comprehensive way to save time while tracking the news you need monitored.

What are Alpha Clips?

Universal Information Services has introduced the world’s first press clipping service enhanced with artificial intelligence (AI). The Alpha Clips news monitoring service focuses on the origins of news stories that are commonly shared online, delivering them in a format that is more quickly read. Alpha Clips combines published news articles with the online and social media story equivalents, in a platform designed to streamline news monitoring and allow communications professionals to quickly consume key information. Faster access to clusters of earned media exposure lets PR professionals and communicators quickly review the news and adjust desired outcomes. Alpha Clips FAQ

Why (AI) for News Monitoring?

By understanding and training our news monitoring programs to follow the conventions of journalism and writing, we are able to generate a level of media monitoring never before possible. Alpha Clips applies artificial intelligence to analyze and summarize newspaper, magazine, and online media coverage so found news can be more quickly read by the user. Additionally, key stories that include closely related articles across other media outlets will be shown as clusters, with secondary articles linked under the Alpha Clip. Clustering secondary articles helps show the reach of a story identified, a feature important for public relations and crisis management.

The Alpha Clips platform uses the conventions and formatting of journalism to shorten the length of a news story by intelligently summarizing an article. Summarized Alpha Clips are enriched with click-through access to the original, full-text content and images from the publisher. More specifically, our artificial intelligence trains the system to extract key elements of a story based on your specific needs.  For instance, the system understands your targeted interests and weighs that understanding against the importance of a headline, lead paragraph, and subsequent sentences.

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Alpha Clips mobile app screen shots

What makes Alpha Clips so incredible?

With Alpha Clips, public relations and communications professionals in all industries will gain the following benefits:

  • Faster access to breaking news across email, desktop, and mobile app environments
  • Streamlined reading that reduces article length by up to 75%, allowing the reader to consume the content much faster
  • Clustered articles that are closely related to the Alpha Clip, showing the reach of a story
  • Click-through access to see full-text stories and images as published
  • Immediate sharing within your organizational family, according to licensing
  • Newsletter creation and “pinning” of key stories that should be shown first in a report
  • Licensed content so the subscriber is copyright compliant*
KEY QUESTION: What are Alpha Clips? Alpha Clips combine published news articles with the online and social media story equivalents, in a platform designed to streamline news monitoring and allow communications professionals to quickly consume key information.


World Media Intelligence Conference 2017 — Berlin

Our Alpha Clips service was announced at the World Media Intelligence Conference in Berlin, October 4, 2017. The original press release can be found here.

Todd Murphy World Media Intelligence Conference FIBEP

CEO Todd Murphy announces Alpha Clips in Berlin

“We are excited to offer this new, innovative approach to finding, formatting, clustering, and delivering news coverage.”

-Todd Murphy, Universal Information Services

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