Alpha Clips FAQ

Universal Information Services' Alpha Clips news monitoring service focuses on the origins of news stories that are commonly shared online, delivering them in a format that is more quickly read. Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions related to the Alpha Clips media monitoring tool.


What are Alpha Clips? Or, what is Alpha Clips?

Alpha Clips is a news monitoring service using artificial intelligence to accurately summarize your found media mentions, cluster similar stories, and deliver your results in 25% of the time it takes to use other monitoring services. Alpha Clips helps identify the first mention of news stories, indicating the reach of that story as it is amplified online.

How can I subscribe to Alpha Clips?

There are three options for becoming a subscriber of Alpha Clips. First, as an existing client you can convert your account to a flat fee Alpha Clips subscription. Second, you can enhance your existing service with the Alpha Clips format, keeping your existing services in place. Third, new subscribers can choose a flat fee tier based on their volume of media mentions. Like utilities, we can predict a level payment plan for your usage, then adjust up or down at six month or twelve month intervals.

As an Alpha Clips subscriber, how do I access and use my news monitoring results?

Each subscriber to Alpha Clips receives two useful platforms for using their found results. The desktop application can be accessed through, then enter your username and password. This same username and password can be used to access the mobile application. Both interfaces have similar functionality, but obviously the mobile app is designed for the professional communicator working outside the office. Mobile apps can be downloaded at (iOS or (Google Play

How do I use the Alpha Clips mobile app?

After downloading the mobile app version matching the operating system of your mobile device, you can launch the application. After entering your assigned username and password, you can explore your most current results, drilling through to see summaries of articles and posts. From your summary reports you can drill down to see actual web pages or article images as published. Alpha Clips of interest can be shared within your organizational family by simply tapping the share button, or you can pin key stories to the top of your "Pinned" page. The mobile app is intuitive and takes only a few minutes to master its functionality.

How is the Alpha Clips desktop portal different from the mobile app?

The desktop functionality is almost exactly the same as the mobile app, so whether working from your desktop or your phone, you enjoy the same features and power. The desktop portal can be integrated with our comprehensive PR software tool, SmartView. Inside our SmartView platform you can see and work with all our services you subscribe to. You can access your influencer targeting tools, track media exposure, generate and view measurement charts, and share or download results. The desktop integration brings Universal's entire news monitoring and measurement tools together for you, so multiple vendors are no longer needed.

How can Alpha Clips accommodate the multiple clients a PR agency represents?

Easily. The Alpha Clips interface segments results based on named search strategies, so if you have multiple clients each of those clients would represent a category within your Alpha Clips interface. Both the desktop application and the mobile app would categorize and color code your results so you can easily align them with the clients you serve. And if your clients wanted to interface directly with their Alpha Clips, we can setup a secondary login allowing the access only their results, yet provide the full functionality of the Alpha Clips tool.

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