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To Vaccinate or Not Vaccinate, That Is The Question

The world is talking about the choice to vaccinate. While there are those of us who are eager to get vaccinated and get back to some semblance of a normal life, there are individuals out there who have concerns about the vaccine. These people may be dragging their feet when it comes to getting vaccinated. […]

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Evolution – PR Measurement and the Barcelona Principles

AMEC (International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication) is the world’s largest media intelligence and insights professional organization, with more than 160 members in 86 countries. AMEC’s mission is education and innovation in PR communications measurement and evaluation. Universal Information Services is a member of AMEC and adheres to its guidance for valid […]

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How to Easily Measure Your PR Efforts Across All News

Need to see your public relations’ return on efforts at a glance? Universal has a new media measurement tool! We are pleased to announce the launch of our SCAN Report SCAN stands for Story Coverage Across News, and it provides a view of all your media exposure for a specific time frame. Our clients have […]

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Why You Need PR Measurement

Think of it this way: You wouldn’t read half of a murder mystery and then put down the book, would you? Of course not! You want to know whodunit and what all the information you’ve been collecting throughout the first half of the book means. Measurement works very similarly. Universal Information Services collects information on […]

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Implementing 3 Important Media Metrics for PR (Spoiler: None Are AVE)

“So, what are the primary public relations metrics I need to know?” I am asked this question a lot when clients first partner with Universal for their media measurement. They want to know what the primary metrics are they should be looking for within their media coverage. The honest answer is, it really depends on […]

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