Media Monitoring Reports

Media Monitoring Reports

Accurately calculate your media mentions each morning with complete news monitoring reports from Universal Information Services.

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“With complete daily news monitoring reports containing valuable metrics, and scheduled at your team’s convenience, you can begin each day fully informed. My clients love the timing and completeness of our news monitoring reports.” -Ben Dumas, Client Relations Specialist

It is clear, understanding target audience engagement begins with better media monitoring and measurement. Universal Information Services serves  communication teams through a deeper analysis of television, radio, web, social, and print content. You can now find the insight you need, while capturing more of your mentions, with Universal’s news monitoring and measurement tools. If you’ve tried other services, or find your current standard news monitor lacking the support you want, contact Universal Information Services. We would be happy to demonstrate why so many professionals turn to Universal for more complete news monitoring and measurement insight.

As the only truly comprehensive monitoring service now in the United States, we can find more newspaper articles, more accurately locate your TV and radio stories, and integrate complete social and online media coverage. When you can’t afford to be in the dark, Universal is the service that can shed more light on the success of your efforts.

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