PR Measurement

PR Measurement

Better understand your public relations’ reach and impact through Universal Information Services’ PR measurement services.

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“Clients come to Universal for our customized approach to news monitoring and our PR measurement methodology. As a partner, my team is here to help clients achieve their measurement goals.” -Cheril Lee, Media Insight Director

Better public relations measurement starts with a better methodology. At Universal, we approach true measurement as a data science that is enriched by professional analysts, not an algorithm forced to crunch each clients’ data without attention. Fully automated measurement is too clumsy to reliably measure qualitative media metrics. Professional analysts are needed to tease out the nuanced messages your media exposure may have, maximizing the valid insight gained from your PR efforts. We understand what you need to successfully improve your PR outcomes and realize your objectives. Universal measures not only the major markets like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, but all points in between. Although we serve clients globally, we can measure your area of influence no matter how localized.

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